Maksim Sinik

Senior Engineering Manager and open-source contributor. @fastify core team and @HospitalRun lead maintainer

OSS Contributions

OSS Organizations

Fast and low overhead web framework, for Node.js
We are a collective of OSS contributors.
Open source, modern software for charitable hospitals in the developing world.

Accelerating Server-Side Development with Fastify

My newst book is out. A 406 pages comprehensive guide to API development for building a scalable backend for your web apps using Fastify.
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Open Source Repositories

GitHub repositories I've built.

Frontend for HospitalRun
TypeScript 6700 2200
Backend for HospitalRun
TypeScript 853 598
Monorepo that holds all of HospitalRun's v2 projects
JavaScript 842 285
Open source implementation of the Turborepo custom remote cache server.
TypeScript 543 57
Fastify plugin for handling multipart/form-data
TypeScript 72 11
A TypeScript starter-kit for building microservices with Node.js
JavaScript 61 11
Fastify plugin for handling multipart/form-data
Stater kit for modern TypeScript library. Generate JS ready to be published on npm.
JavaScript 13 3
Parse and convert query parameters into MongoDB query criteria and options.
TypeScript 10 1

Community Contributions

Conference talks and guest posts I did