Maksim Sinik

Software and Cloud Architect. DevOps philosophy lover. Container enthusiast.



GitHub repositories that I've built.

Frontend for HospitalRun
TypeScript 4790 1462
Backend for HospitalRun
TypeScript 562 261
Monorepo that holds all of HospitalRun's v2 projects
JavaScript 39 3
Fastify plugin for handling multipart/form-data
TypeScript 16 6
Stater kit for modern TypeScript library. Generate JS ready to be published on npm.
TypeScript 8 3
next.js custom typescript server starter kit.
TypeScript 5 1
Parse and convert query parameters into MongoDB query criteria and options.
TypeScript 3 0
Storage abstraction layer
TypeScript 2 0
Autoincrement functionality for MongoDb
TypeScript 1 0
This is just a convenient cli watch and compile JSONSchemas to TypeScript interfaces.
JavaScript 1 0
WebSocket endpoints for fastify
TypeScript 1 0


Projects I care about.

Open source, modern software for charitable hospitals in the developing world.


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